The Benefits of Wearing Pearls

Pearl is a valuable Chinese medicine, containing amino acids, trace elements in contact with human skin, through the role of sweat to accelerate the differentiation of nutrients in the pearl, from the surface of the skin into the bottom, absorbed by the body to play a role in regulating.

【Promotes metabolism】
Pearls contain 18 amino acids, of which 7 are essential amino acids such as: threonine, valine, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, lysine. Many scholars have pointed out that the amino acids in pearls have very important physiological effects on the human body, and each of them has its own function in participating in human metabolism.

【Pearls contain more than 20 kinds of trace elements.】
Pearls contain more than 20 kinds of trace elements: strontium, barium, scandium, cobalt, zinc, iron, manganese, selenium, germanium, copper and so on. Many medical experts have proved that certain trace elements in pearls have extremely important health effects.

For example: selenium can enhance human immunity and has anti-cancer effects. Zinc can activate human peroxide dismutase (SOD), thus removing the lipid peroxide which is easy to cause aging of the human body, and can also reduce the melanin generation and achieve whitening effect. Manganese can prevent cardiovascular disease and regulate the nervous system, and promote the body's absorption of calcium. Germanium has an anti-cancer effect, others such as copper, iron, magnesium, etc. on the human body has a very important physiological role.

Pearls can be said to be “the most ideal natural supply of trace elements library”.

【Endocrine regulation】
Pearl calcium content is high, is ordinary calcium gluconate 4 times, and easy to absorb; calcium supplementation at the same time with other beneficial effects, in addition to replenishing essential amino acids, trace elements, pearl also has the role of yin, can regulate the endocrine system, which fundamentally contributes to the balance of calcium. Pearl calcium can prevent and control various diseases caused by calcium deficiency, such as cramps, osteoporosis, dementia, etc., and has a comprehensive effect of beauty and health care.
【Calming and tranquilizing】
Taurine is a non-protein amino acid, taurine maintains the balance and operation of human organs and tissues, improves human immunity, eliminates fatigue, and is an essential amino acid. Taurine can enhance the body's metabolism, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, has the effect of tranquilizing the mind, and is conducive to promoting the regulation of women's menstrual blood.
【Skin whitening】
This is the intermediate product of the decomposition of pearl protein into amino acids, and some scholars believe that small molecule active peptide plays a good health care role for menstruating women. Long-term use of pearl can make the whole body white skin.
The porphyrin-like substances in pearls have extremely important anti-aging effects on the human body.
【Lowering cholesterol and blood lipids】
Pearls are rich in vitamin B family. Vitamin B can enhance the body's digestive system and nervous system function, lower cholesterol and blood fat.